Turning the Airport Runway into a Fashion Runway for LESS

20 Oct
Vanessa Hudgens arriving at JFK Airport last week

Vanessa Hudgens arriving at JFK Airport last week

Vanessa Hudgens, star of the hit ‘Disney’ movies ‘High School Musical’ made a fashion statement upon arrival at JFK airport last week minutes after disembarking from a long flight.

She is dressed in a street, bohemian inspired look, proving that torn jeans can look great both during the day and at night providing they are teamed up with the right accessories, such as a long chain necklace.

Vanessa makes her street yet ultra chic appearance look effortless and like many fashion savvy women, believes in looking glamorous at all times.

She brightens up her love of the colour black with destroyed indigo denim, layered gold chains and cat eye tortoise shades for her arrival.

When you lead a busy career like Vanessa who is a famous actress a look like this can feel so hard to achieve. Like Vanessa, I am sure that what matters to you is an easy and simple yet super fashionable and affordable look for everyday that can be turned into a night look. Convenience is what most women want who lead busy lives because they don’t have the time to create a fabulous look like this.

This look can be easily achieved at quite an affordable price with the help of many of our Australian fashion labels.

To begin with, Vanessa’s hair is looking natural and wavy and has not been tampered with at all. A simple part in the middle makes the face look slimmer and especially good if you have high and distinct check bones. A light and non-greasy formula can be used in the hair to give it a shine.

Vanessa’s make up is also very natural and gives off the effect that no fuss or effort has been put into it. A simple neutral coloured gloss and some bronzer on the cheeks to brighten up the face after a long flight is all that is needed to look refreshed and awake despite the body feeling quite exhausted. I also think a red coloured lipstick or lip-gloss would make this outfit pop.

But now to the most important part the FASHION and accessories. In this look, Vanessa makes black look bright and colourful. Many women love black because of its slimming effects and this look is perfect for that reason. She has chosen a plain black, cotton singlet that has a low ‘V’ neck and has tucked it into her jeans. A ‘Jenni Basic Singlet’ like this one can be found in a ‘Jeans West’ store or on their website for $14.99 or two for $20.00 and also comes in a range of colours.

Jeans West 'Jenni Basic Singlet' BlackVanessa’s jacket is quite loose and ‘baggy’ and looks like a comfortable jacket that she must often use to travel with. A similar jacket to this is one that ‘Bardot’ stocks called the ‘Jersey Shrunken Blazer’ for $50.00. The grey trimming and large buttons give off the same effect as the one Vanessa is wearing in the picture.

Bardot 'Jersey Shrunken Blazer'Her jeans are a dark denim wash and have a destroyed pattern through the front. Dark denim is always slimming for women and can transform an outfit into a great night look when added with a pair of heels. Jeans that can give off the same look as Vanessa’s for a reasonable price are the ‘Lulu Jean’ by ‘Bardot’ for $149.95. They are not under a hundred dollars, but will last many seasons and never outdate. They will also look great with many tops, shoes, accessories and all colours. They can be rolled up and worn many ways.

Bardot 'Lulu Jean'The belt Vanessa wears has a gold buckle which adds some colour to the outfit and matches her gold necklace. ‘Just Jeans’ stock a black ‘Paisley Leather Belt’ for $29.95 which is similar to Vanessa’s and gives off the same effect.

Just Jeans 'Paisley Leather Belt'Vanessa’s cat eye tortoise shell textured sunglasses suit her face shape but may not suit everyone’s. They have an oversized lens and are very trendy. ‘Cotton On’s’ black and cheap ‘Geek Chic Sunnies’ pull off the look at a low price of $14.95.

Cotton On 'Geek Chic Sunnies' BlackLayered long necklaces add a little something extra to the outfit and dress it up. Gold or Silver will match the outfit and belt. ‘Diva’s’ long length and mega ‘Chain Necklace’ which can be seen via this link http://www.diva.net.au/#/product/2148 is $24.99 and provides a layered chain effect like Vanessa’s in the picture in a silver tone.

The bag Vanessa is holding swings over her shoulder and looks like a soft leather. It is similar to the ‘Cotton On’ bag below which is the black ‘Quilted Pouch Bag’ and is $39.95. It can be worn at different lengths and like Vanessa’s can slouch across the body. This similar bag can be found on the CottonOn Wesbite http://www.cottonon.com/.

Vanessa’s black leather sandals are the ultimate comfortable pair every girl needs in her wardrobe. ‘Rubi shoes’ make a comfortable yet street chic sandal that is similar to the look in the picture. The black ‘Andy Sandal’ are $19.95 and complete the outfit.

Rubi Shoes 'Andy Sandal' BlackVanessa has pulled off a perfect day and street look and it is incredible that she looks so trendy after getting of a long and tiring flight. Those of us who have traveled know how important it is to wear comfortable clothes on a flight that aren’t always trendy yet she proves that any opportunity can be a fashion opportunity. To add perfection to this outfit and to make it a perfect look to wear out at night to a bar or club, a simple pair of black heels would do the job perfectly. ‘Rubi shoes’ once again make a comfortable and simple, black patent closed-toe ‘Spears Heel’ for $49.95. They will transform the look into a fun Melbourne party night look. They can be found on the Rubi Shoes website http://www.cottonon.com/au/rubi-shoes.

The items provided above try to help mimic Vanessa Hudgen’s look at JFK airport last week. They can be purchased both in-store or online at the individual store’s websites. The total cost of this whole outfit is under $300 which is very reasonable today considering it covering accessories also. This Vanessa Hudgen’s inspired look is great for Melbourne street and night fashion and would suit all body types. The items are also easy to find and purchase. It would look great on in all seasons too.

Until next time,

Steph xx


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