Loving Couture!

13 Apr

Hi all,

Lately I have had a sudden facination with the elegance of couture gowns and bridal gowns. I have always said that I want my wedding dress to be made by the fabulous designers, J’Aton Couture based in Greville Street, Melbourne or Alex Perry king of glamorous gowns in Australia, but have never really found the right design for me.

J’Aton Couture are truly inspirational! They’re evening gowns and bridal creations are to die for! Rebecca Judd struts the Brownlow Red Carpet in their gowns and even had her wedding dress made by them, and every single one of the gowns she has worn made by the J’Aton Couture boys have been truly amazing!

Another couture creator of the stars, Steven Khalil based in Sydney who I came across last month makes elegant and super chic Wedding gowns too and I think I may have finaly found my ideal wedding gown design! His facebook page features many of the gowns he has created, so take a look-http://www.facebook.com/pages/steven-khalil/41820085361?v=photos


Rebecca Judd at her wedding to footballer Chris Judd in J’Aton Couture-(Image taken from http://www.sassisamblog.com/2011/01/01/rebecca-twigley-marries-wearing-divine-jaton-wedding-dress/)

The detail put into all these designer’s creations are truly amazing! Which out of these three do you prefer? Thoughts?

Steph xx


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