OPI nail polish

17 May

Hi all,

Lately, I have been addicted to painting my nails a million different colours. It is probably because I have been trying to collect OPI nail polishes. Have you heard of them? They are one of the best nail polishes I have ever used…hence me collecting every colour. I usually go into David Jones, Petra or my local nail salon to purchase them and they vary from about $16-$20. The polish is great quality, dries really quick and most importantly lasts a lifetime and hardly chips!

Some of my favourite colours (and yes they have weird and often long names)-

-Mod About You-a really nice pastel pink

-Mrs O’Leary’s BBQ-a burgandy/red good for Winter

-Sweet Heart- a pale pink/beige

-We’ll Always have Paris- a deep purple/black

-No Spain no gain- a deep purple/red

and there are so many more I love………………..

I love them, there collection is endless, there are so many different colours and shades!

You have to try them….once you use one you will be hooked!

PS: Try and get the 3 in 1 top coat/base coat/nail strengthener it makes the colour on your nail sparkle, look even better and last longer, plus it’s good for your natural nails as it keeps them strong and healthy.

Steph xx

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