My Fashion Wish List

10 Aug

Hi everyone,

Now, I know that everyone has a favourite label and dream item that they one day want to own so I am going to share a couple of mine. Let me know what yours are.

1. An authentic Hermès Birkin Bag-

We’ve seen Kim Kardashian show off her vast array of Hermès Birkin Bags in every colour possible and let’s face it, nearly every star owns one…and one day it will be my turn to indulge on this luxury item. My favourite would have to be the plain black leather with the gold locket.

2. An authentic pair of Christian Louboutin Heels-

Yes, again we’ve seen Kim Kardashian flaunt her million pairs and every other star for that matter so they must be good right? Well I must say i’ve seen them up close in David Jones and they are worth every penny, that is if you can afford them. You can never miss a pair, as they are famous for having a deep red sole, and are always made to perfection.

For now though while I fantasise my hands and feet touching the items on my wish list I feel a sense of ease because I can replicate both these items at a cheaper price. However, E-bay do stock these items at cheaper prices and when David Jones has a sale Louboutin’s are dramatically reduced.

PeepToe shoes here in Australia did release a range of heels with the same red sole as Louboutins.

PeepToe Shoes

PeepToe Shoes-(Image taken from

And as far as replicating the Hermès Birkin Bag goes, well that’s not too hard as many labels have tried it.

Until next time,

Steph xx


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