Hey there fashion savvy women of Australia & welcome to Style Stop!

I am a Journalism graduate with a very strong passion for street and high-end fashion and styling. I feel inspired by many other fashion journalists and magazine editors in Australia and most especially, celebrities and the greatest fashion designers both in Australia and around the world. I love shopping and have aspirations to pursue fashion journalism/fashion magazine editing and styling!

Through my styling and fashion blog, I aim to bring you trendy fashionable looks that are celebrity inspired at an affordable price and tips on how to remain trendy with the help of the Australian fashion labels and international labels that I feature on here.

I also aim to feature current fashion trends and looks from around the world that I love or are my favourites!

Please share with me the latest looks as seen on your favourite celebrities which you love, mention your favourite shopping destinations in Melbourne, discuss with me your thoughts on the latest trends and my fashion favourites which I will post on here, comment on the celebrity inspired looks I create at an affordable price and copy them if you like them, but most of all, enjoy the beautiful fashion trends of each season and all the amazing fashion I love and feature on here!

Feel free to mimic the clothes and accessories that I suggest and feature on here and add them to your wardrobe.

Hopefully they inspire you to continue dressing super chic!

Who doesn’t love a bargain?

Steph xx

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