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The best lingerie in town!

24 Mar

It is not easy to find lingerie that is both super comfortable and looks just as beautiful as it feels but I have found it!!!

Simone Pérèle!!!

Started by Madame Simone Pérèle herself in Paris, France in 1948, it really is so french and is a label which really understands what women want! She has created luxurious lingerie for women with passion, freedom, sensuality and spirit.

The delicate hand-made lace, unique colours and extra detail make a Simone Pérèle piece all the more perfect for a special occasion or simply to be worn everyday.

The company which is now run by her son Philippe and daughter Catherine, is one of the leading brands in lingerie. It takes one year to design and produce a Simone Pérèle bra which proves why it is one of the biggest sellers in Australia’s leading department store David Jones and has the most popular sold t-shirt bra in the world, with one sold every minute somewhere around the world.  Simone Pérèle is also the leading lingerie brand in many french department stores. The quality of a Simone Pérèle bra is outstanding!

Simone Pérèle’s new shapewear line ‘Top Model’ is by far the best on the market and I’ve tried many different labels to look slimmer and to reduce any lines or bumps under my dressess or pants.

Available in skin colour and black, Top Model which is inspired by 10 years of research combines lace and lycra and controls cellulite thanks to the microfibre which might I add, breathes better than cotton as its thread count is ten times higher than silk and super soft on the skin. Not only that, but it is microencapsulated with select key elements (Caffeine, Vitamin E and Aloe Vera) that are released upon contact with skin to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

It is available in three designs, the High Waist Brief Shaper, Lift shaper and Full shaper.

My personal favourite, is the High Waist Brief Shaper which I tested under my 21st dress. It made me look 2 sizes smaller and completely flattened my stomach! I didn’t want to take it off!

Try it to believe the results as I simply love this new shapewear line and was so glad to discover that Simone Pérèle is releasing a Top Model dresss which will be even more perfect for me under my many evening dresses.

Top Model High Waist Brief Shaper

Top Model High Waist Brief Shaper-(Image taken from

Also, if you are looking for the perfect t-shirt bra, you MUST try either of these:

Caressence 3D Plunge T-Shirt Bra

or the

Andora 3D Contour T-Shirt Bra/Padded Moulded T-Shirt Bra

They can even be worn under an evening dress and are seamless, giving a good lift/push-up and a nice shape and the soft 3D knit moulding feels like a second skin!

Simone Pérèle is famous for its lace, beauty and comfort so why not spoil yourself with a beautiful bra, perfect for a special night out, or simply to transform your mood because wearing beautiful lingerie in beautiful colours underneath everyday wear, can leave you feeling happy and sexy! As Simone Pérèle used to say herself, “a good bra is a bra you forget you are wearing”, and that’s how you will feel in one of her bras!

Here is just a taste of one….Be sure to check out David Jones or any of the many Simone Pérèle Direct Stores in Australia to discover the elegance and amazing designs of Simone Pérèle lingerie! All stores also offer a fantastic specialist fitting service!!

Simone Pérèle, (la signature d’une femme) is art on bare skin and is all about the many facets of a woman’s signature touch.

Steph xx

My 6 key steps to an instant makeover!

23 Feb

Hey everyone,

Here are my 6 key steps to looking and feeling good in 1 day!

  1. Get your eyebrows waxed (gives you a mini facelift making you look more vibrant and youthful)
  2. Get your hair cut and blow-waved (colour is not essential as a simple cut and style can leave you looking like a new person)
  3. Get a manicure (a pedicure is not as important as your hands are exposed all the time and can give off the impression that you like to look after yourself)
  4. Get a spray tan for an instant glow which will leave you looking healthier and slimmer
  5. Wear a bright coloured lipstick to leave you looking alive rather than dull (if you don’t wear bright colours on your lips typically, try it, you will be amazed with how much it makes a difference to your overall appearance). Also, pair the lipstick with a nice bronzer on your cheek bones to give you that Summer glow!
  6. Lastly, get a facial (you don’t have to overspend, a simple facial can make you glow and will allow your makeup to look flawless, even if you don’t use mineral makeup which is found to be better for our skin)

A good moisturiser is essential to be used both during the day and at night, especially one that contains SPF for the day. I like to use sunscreen under my makeup as it not only moisturises but protects me from our harmful sun rays!

So these are the tips that work for me and allow me to feel and look my best!

Also, putting on a pair of platform heels, and wearing a bright coloured top or oversized coloured necklace that you wouldn’t normally have the guts to wear will make you instantly become more noticeable!!

And aim to wear clothes that aren’t oversized and that suit your body type. A properly fitted top can make you look a dress size smaller!

2013 is the year to dress to impress as you never know who you will bump into!!

Steph xx

Follow all of Kate Middleton’s fashions!

15 Jul


Has everyone come across the site It follows Her Royal Highness, the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, what she wore at public events and where to buy the items from!

It is a pretty amazing site!

Check it out!

Steph xx

OPI nail polish

17 May

Hi all,

Lately, I have been addicted to painting my nails a million different colours. It is probably because I have been trying to collect OPI nail polishes. Have you heard of them? They are one of the best nail polishes I have ever used…hence me collecting every colour. I usually go into David Jones, Petra or my local nail salon to purchase them and they vary from about $16-$20. The polish is great quality, dries really quick and most importantly lasts a lifetime and hardly chips!

Some of my favourite colours (and yes they have weird and often long names)-

-Mod About You-a really nice pastel pink

-Mrs O’Leary’s BBQ-a burgandy/red good for Winter

-Sweet Heart- a pale pink/beige

-We’ll Always have Paris- a deep purple/black

-No Spain no gain- a deep purple/red

and there are so many more I love………………..

I love them, there collection is endless, there are so many different colours and shades!

You have to try them….once you use one you will be hooked!

PS: Try and get the 3 in 1 top coat/base coat/nail strengthener it makes the colour on your nail sparkle, look even better and last longer, plus it’s good for your natural nails as it keeps them strong and healthy.

Steph xx

2010 Racing Carnival Fashion Inspiration & Tips!

3 Nov

MyerMystore 2010, Dressing for Melbourne Cup Day ’10 – Myer Spring Racing Carnival (workshop), 17 October, viewed 3 November 2010, <youtube=>

Steph xx

Five MUST HAVE items for your wardrobe!

20 Oct

1.  A pair of dark denim jeans

Dark denim jeans

2.  A simple black jacket

Black Blazer

3.  A simple black dress

Black Dress

4.  A printed scarf

Printed Scarf

5. A pair of simple closed toe black heels

Black Heels

Steph xx

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