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29 Jun

Hey guys,

Okay, so my favourite tv show at the moment is Offspring! I am obsessed….and cannot miss a minute! I don’t think I’m the only mad fan as I hear that it has been approved for a third season by Channel Ten. Who else loves it?

Well I have to say it is by far possibly the best Aussie drama series I’ve ever seen….and that’s a big statement coming from me!

What I love about the show are the characters! They are so real and I can relate to almost all of them! I also identify myself and people I know in my family with them. It is dramatic but quite hilarious at the same time! The individual character’s storylines keep you hooked too! Great work Offspring team!

Nina Proudman (Asher Keddie) is the main character and the show is pretty much revolved around her life as we follow and try to keep up with her thoughts, decision making processes and all the craziness, that is her life and the problems and issues that arise from her relationships with her “hot” collegues and family! Asher truly does an amazing job at this role and is a great actress. She makes it so real it’s unbelievable! Another perfect performance by Asher which is not unusual…she never fails to amaze!

Her fashion sense is quite unusual and bohemian and I have to say I am a fan!

Her outfits appear effortless and she always wears individual pieces that are so unique and brilliant! Her fashion is insipiring…thumbs up to her stylist!

What do you all think?

You can usually find out where to buy everything Nina wears on the show on the ‘Nina Proudman’ Facebook Page.

Steph xx

Capes: A new trend

18 Feb

Capes are slowly becoming a new Winter trend overseas, due to the fact that they are thick and therefore very warm and cosy and because they look super chic on. From Kim Kardashian to Nicole Richie, these celebrities make capes look fabulous on proving that they are a must have this Winter. Perfect for travel and to transform your day look, everyone needs one!

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian wearing Thierry Mugler Caplet

Image taken from-

Found online at stores from the US and UK such as or on the Thierry Mugler website. Country Road has now released a range of textured military cape coats for $179.00. The soft yet thick fabric is ideal for Melbourne’s cold Winter weather and it comes in different shades (black, grey and charcoal). Finally it suits all pants and skirts and even looks great over dresses.

Country Road Cape Coat

Country Road Cape Coat $179.00

Until next time,

Steph xx

Lady Gaga’s awful trend setting?

20 Oct

I have noticed that Lady Gaga has been influencing the trends of many celebrities around the world, like reality TV star Kim Kardashian who is pictured in New York City wearing these extremely high and bulky patent black pumps.

Kim Kardashian in NYC

Kim Kardashian in NYC-(Image taken from

I personally can’t stand them but what do you think? Let me know by leaving a comment!

Steph xx

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