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My 6 key steps to an instant makeover!

23 Feb

Hey everyone,

Here are my 6 key steps to looking and feeling good in 1 day!

  1. Get your eyebrows waxed (gives you a mini facelift making you look more vibrant and youthful)
  2. Get your hair cut and blow-waved (colour is not essential as a simple cut and style can leave you looking like a new person)
  3. Get a manicure (a pedicure is not as important as your hands are exposed all the time and can give off the impression that you like to look after yourself)
  4. Get a spray tan for an instant glow which will leave you looking healthier and slimmer
  5. Wear a bright coloured lipstick to leave you looking alive rather than dull (if you don’t wear bright colours on your lips typically, try it, you will be amazed with how much it makes a difference to your overall appearance). Also, pair the lipstick with a nice bronzer on your cheek bones to give you that Summer glow!
  6. Lastly, get a facial (you don’t have to overspend, a simple facial can make you glow and will allow your makeup to look flawless, even if you don’t use mineral makeup which is found to be better for our skin)

A good moisturiser is essential to be used both during the day and at night, especially one that contains SPF for the day. I like to use sunscreen under my makeup as it not only moisturises but protects me from our harmful sun rays!

So these are the tips that work for me and allow me to feel and look my best!

Also, putting on a pair of platform heels, and wearing a bright coloured top or oversized coloured necklace that you wouldn’t normally have the guts to wear will make you instantly become more noticeable!!

And aim to wear clothes that aren’t oversized and that suit your body type. A properly fitted top can make you look a dress size smaller!

2013 is the year to dress to impress as you never know who you will bump into!!

Steph xx

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