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Alexander McQueen vs Missoni scarf?

18 Feb

Scarfs are a great accessory especially those with a hint of colour or a contrasting print to wear with a simple canvas. Looking for a perfect scarf is not easy, especially when you are comparing an Alexander McQueen scarf with a Missoni scarf. Ebay is great for finding scarves by these labels at incredibly appropriate prices especially Alexander McQueen scarves. Missoni scarves however are a little more pricy but they are an item that will never date so spending that little bit extra is always beneficial. I’m into both prints and they would both look great with plain colours. What print do you prefer and why?

Images taken from-www.ebay.com.au

Alexander McQueen


















Steph xx

New Myer Bourke Street Store

5 Nov

The newly rennovated Myer Store in Bourke Street Melbourne is underway and looks ultra modern! With the opening of new cafes including well-known Brunetti cafe and new fashions, Myer is looking like the place to shop for Christmas! With a few more departments yet to move into the new bulding such as ladies Intimiate Apparel, Manchester and Electric goods, the department store truly looks world class and the inspiration behind it comes from famous and leading department stores from around the world, imparticularly those in Europe and New York City. New brands are expected to open in Myer including world-known and high quality make-up brand Ilamasqua, famous label Missoni, etc.  The traditional Christmas windows have now opened and will be as spectacular as always. The Christmas Parade on Saturday the 13th of November at 11am is set to be amazing with guests including Myer Ambassador Jennifer Hawkins, a performance by the cast of Hairspray, Santa of course and much more!  Melbourne truly is the fashion capital!

Until next time,

Steph xx

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